Enrolled in the Mastered accelerator 2018

We are so exited & happy to announce that Yogapathdesign has been enrolled at mastered, an accelerator program in the fashion industry.

We will be on the 12th of April for the live event & will share some insights on the latest trend in fashion & the young generation taking up on the industry to redefine fashion for its best !

 We are so thrilled & looking forward to meet part of this worldwide community to share some creativity, fun, passion, experience & love for our craft. At Yogapathdesign we want the best for our customers so we aime to work with the best in order to offer you the best experience.

Yogapathdesign is a concept, a lifestyle, a vision & we work to empower women through self-care, self-love & to encourage them to become the best version of themselves for an ethical & brighter future.

At Yogapathdesign we care :)