Why do we only have S or XS size for legging right now ?

Hello dear Yogini,

Today a post to explain the why we only have some S & XS on our collection for now. 

I can assure you it is not because we praise for skinny body type & think there are the standard to achieve for any one of us. And I am so sorry if you wear rather a M or L or even an XL not to be able to offer you the size that will fit you. The purpose of any brand is to be liked & worn.

Here is the reason why. We are a young brand, even if me the designer is not so young ;), meaning I have launched it last year 2017 on my own personal funds & because of my passion for art, creativity, sustainability  & yoga. This first collection showcased here is what we call a capsule collection, a kind of teaser of the full collections that will be developed ahead & a way to check what people like & dislike. In other word it is a start with all the improvement it requires. When going into production last year, I had to choose in producing designs or sizes, I have decided to prioritize the designs to get a creative base for the collections coming ahead.

So I have only been printing very small amount of fabric for each designs. And obviously, you would have guessed with small amount of fabric , you can only produce small sizes as the challenge was to produce as much pieces as possible with what we had. By the way, It was kind of tricky to find the proper manufacturer that would agree to print in such a small quantity. So I really appreciate the flexibility of our partner & manufacturer regarding this, it was of great help :).

If you did not know the fabric I use, has been developed & printed for our collection only. One of the reason it makes our collection so unique with a strong brand identity. We are a creative business first before being a business & we value creativity, colors, designs, & anything that give the brand its special touch & make it different.


So I beg your pardon if some kind of frustration might arisen, I perfectly understand you. Things will hopefully improve & more sizes will be soon available. I am expecting to go on production for march or April at the latest this year. For that occasion, I am preparing you some great surprises for the launching of 2018 collections, so better be prepared & sign up for our newsletter in order not to miss the event we are preparing for you :).

By the way, if you have read until here I would be very interested to get your feedback in the comment of this post about what designs you prefer & you would have bought. It will be of great help to better choose the next garments, I will take to production according to your preferences :).

Thank you so much in advance, looking forward to Hera from you.

Om shanti om,