Why less is more ?

The ego doesn't like to lack anything

More often we use to think we don't have enough of things, goods, dreams, friends, actions, qualities...But in fact we should notice that we have too much of things. Having too much of things is not allowing us to see what in fact we have. We are in the illusion of scarcity although we have too much. How come this could happen ?

This mainly happen because we are not connected to our self for many good or bad reasons. It is quite scary to anybody to be able to contemplate the self in its raw reality/nudity. Facing our own light & shadow, is frightening for most of us because it is a red flag for our ego.

Going inward

The true is that there is no other way than facing our internal nudity to start being able to act ont it & alleviate us from the none sens we use to protect us from seing what it is, like it is. Those none sens are leading to the too much & the compulsory behaviors that lead to unsatisfactory accumulation without letting us full nor happy. And even worst, those behaviors mislead us & can leave us all lost without any clues on how to go back from where we were coming from.

Life is full & abundant but because we avoid looking inside we keep ourself in the illusion of the outside world that entertain us all the time. Nowadays it is getting even worst because of the internet & the instant access to everything we could imagine: information, goods, pictures, videos, articles, people .... right from our desk or phone. the necessity of taking the journey inward is even more accurate to avoid being lost or trap in the wrong things, life or whatever that is not good for us.

So less is more because while allowing ourself to go inward we can in fact get more of what we really need. We are able to better satisfy our true self & finally make us happy. We know how to better use anything to the purpose of our own accomplishment without loosing time, money, purpose, energy, anything that make really sense for our own evolution & satisfaction.

Meditation the key to silent the mind & access the self

When we have less of anything in fact we can value everything ... So less is always more. We truly in fact don't need more but less... Less fear, anger, jealousy, violence, betrayals, lies, degradation, shame... From there we allow space for the good to come in our life & get more of what we truly need which lead to more satisfaction & stable mind.

Going inward is allowing space for ourself to grow. The best tool to go inward is by making silence & practicing meditation.

Om Shanti