Magritte spirit

Inspired with Surrealism & the work of famous Belgium painter Magritte, we have brought for you this unique collection to embody all of it.
This collection would be ideal for the yoga practitioner with a keen interest in art, with an idealistic mind, a need to create & make their dreams come true. By the way dancers should love it too, with this airy feeling coming from design & fabric.
Lifestyle & Sport Legging... 
Wether you are at the studio or in the street, the Magritte Spirit legging will always make you stand out combined with a casual dress or a loose sweater.
The Smart Bras
2 Side Sports Bras & Bathing Suit Top, designed to be combined with your favorite legging. Our sports Bras are designed to be used during your favorite sports practice & to make a great swim wear by the swimming pool or by the beach. You can also choose to use it on the 2 sides according your mood : printed or plain color, you choose.
2 Side Bathing Suit Bottom
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