Hello there, my name is Haya.
I am a dreamer, mother, believer, artist, photographer, painter, traveler, mystic, female entrepreneur and passionate human being.

I am the founder & designer of Yoga Path Design.

Besides that, I am also a yoga teacher at the Sivananda yoga school. I have started practicing yoga in 2011 & quickly became an evidence as part of my daily routine & lifestyle. I was literally rising from the dead. It has tremendously helped me in giving me the strength & tools to discover my story & consciously understand who I am.


I am currently based in Brussels, a city I genuinely love, because it makes anything possible, I like calling it the surrealism capital. It is also the birthplace of famous painter Magritte, known for its surrealistic work.
"Bruxelles ma belle".

So Yoga Path Design is a Belgian brand & I would dare to say a Brussels brand with a touch of French & Italian expertise.
We aim for ecological responsibility  & conscious lifestyle through the practice of self-love.

Yoga is our vehicle to achieve this goal, our technology, our strength & we aim to embody with great humility this science/art through our brand.

We use Italian fabric technology for our collection. This fabric is made out of pet bottle & old fish net so we apply the logic of circular economy in our concept. Then the fabric is printed in Wallonie, the French-speaking part of Belgium. Sublimation technology is applied on our garment with almost no use of water & with water ink based.

Our garment production complies with the Oeko tex 100 standard, to certify our customer no harmful substances have been used in the process.

Then the garment is sewed in Brussels. We limit transportation to the minimum, respecting our engagement for less impact on the environment & developing the local labor market through local partnership.

Finally, we work in close collaboration with a French styling office to give birth to our collection & make the experience unique, specific & in line with our values.

Serving women at first, we hope we will soon be able to address child and men fashion as well.

We want to embody the idea that we all have a purpose in this life, a key part to play in the big realms of things that is really unique to us.
We would like to act as a reminder along the way of each woman on the way to a more meaningful life practicing self-love as value & yoga as a vehicle.
We deeply think self-love is not being egoistic but on the contrary, it allows to make the world a better place in putting things in their fairest place as we start being aligned with oneself. 
Shining one truthfulness is the most inspiring thing someone could do to the world & future.


- We aim for active, positive, caring, sensitive, creative & smart women around the world that are ready to take ownership of their life.

-We believe beauty & sexiness is from the inside out & not the outside in. We drive our attention inward to bring it outward.

 - We are always on the look to improve our collections, styles, patterns, fabric to bring you the best that we could possibly offer, give you the experience we aim for & strengthen our identity. 

- We want you to shine bright, as the beautiful woman you were always meant to be. 

If you have taken the time to read until here, thank you so much, I wish you to find your calling, your path, the one that will make you fall in love with every breath you take.

Om Shanti Om

One Love,



"Put colors into your life, live happily & do your best no matter what."